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Hello. I am a 29-year-old male; 5'11", 175lbs, and 7% body fat. Here is a true story from my life that I want to share to help others. Nearly a year and a half ago, I discontinued steroid use because I felt I was unhealthy on them and I feared getting caught. In fact, I was unhealthy, but I never knew how unhealthy until I tried to get off of the steroids.

Testocreme Story from RogerIn October of last year, 7 months after I had cycled down with HCG like a "good" bodybuilder, I felt so terrible that my physician referred me to an endocrinologist as he suspected a hormonal imbalance. The endocrinologist diagnosed me as both hyperthyroid (my thyroid was burning up) and with a low free testosterone. My total testosterone was fairly good at 500 ng/dl something, but my free was only 17 ng/dl with a reference range for my age group of 19-41. And even though I was very close to the "normal" range, I didn't feel normal at all.

I worked with my endocrinologist for months and months as he tried to help me feel better. He kept saying that despite what I felt my testosterone wasn't too low and my problems were more likely due to my malfunctioning thyroid, which soon after I met him went hypothyroid. I waited while he slowly adjusted my thyroid medication over the months hoping that this would bring back my energy, libido, and muscles. Well, after all that waiting, my doctor zeroed in on the correct TSH and T4 readings, yet I still felt tired during the afternoons, my libido was poor, my strength continued to decline, and, most importantly, my free testosterone levels were hovering around 15, demonstrating a borderline case of secondary hypogonadism (LH/FSH low-normal too).

Testocreme Story from Roger
I seemed to be suffering from exactly what all those steroids users had promised me would not happen, incomplete recovery of my testosterone levels! Somehow my pituitary (the control center in the brain that tells your testicles to produce testosterone) never turned all the way back on after the steroids. To make matters even more confused, I was only a borderline case. Because of that, my endocrinologist would not suggest testosterone replacement regardless of how I complained of classic symptoms of low free testosterone.

Desperate for a solution, I tried many new diets and supplements. I did find some that helped; namely, zinc at 50-100 mg/day really helped my libido. Aerobics 5 times a week combined with heavy lifting seemed to help as well. Yet with all my efforts, my free levels remained around 15 ng/dl, even with my total rising slightly to the low 600s. Now, my doctor was even more resistant to any further action because my total testosterone levels were over 600, well within the normal range! He further justified his lack of action by suggesting that my free testosterone tests were likely in error. Finally, he refused to even test my testosterone levels anymore and recommended that I just give it more time.

"More time?!?!" I thought to myself. I had already lost all the strength I had gained though years of lifting weights and was even wasting further! And to make matters worse, I felt tired and depressed all the time. So there I was with no one to help me yet desperate for a solution. That is when I found out about Dr. Abraham Kryger at the Wellness Clinic in Monterey, CA.

I gave Dr. Kryger a call and to my surprise he answered the phone, not his secretary but him. I figured he'd start outlining prices and such or maybe transfer to me someone else, but instead, he was concerned with me. Already I could tell he was different.

Over the phone he spent at least 15 minutes talking about what was going on, and he followed up the discussion saying he wanted to see me in only a few days! It was like a hundred pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders; here was a medical professional specializing in helping exbodybuilders, among the brightest in his field no less, who wanted to help me at a reasonable price! I was delighted!

It was quite a drive to Monterey from the San Francisco bay area, but it was a drive well worth my time. Dr. Abraham was just as friendly and genuinely concerned with me in person as he was over the phone. He knew the mind of a bodybuilder, their concerns and problems getting off steroids, and addressed every problem thoroughly. He conducted himself in a professional manner but not as a cold, distant man. He was more like a friend who just happened to know a lot about my problem. The doctor prescribed TestoCreme.

I had heard of transdermal testosterone creams before, but I was a bit skeptical about them being messy or leaving a sticky residue. I was also scared of potential side effects like sterility, often associated with injection-based testosterone replacement therapy. To my pleasant surprise, TestoCreme is neither sticky nor messy in any way. It is white, nearly odorless (slightest scent of tofu), and very easy to apply. It rubs in quickly leaving no trace. The doctor also explained to me that TestoCreme may reduce or raise sperm count, but only time will tell how it will effect one's fertility. I was really happy!

Only a day after having begun the cream, I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels! My depression lifted and my libido was in full swing! I have been using TestoCreme for only a short time now, but it is AWESOME! It's extremely anabolic too; I have made gains in the gym after almost a year of mostly losses!

I know this probably sounds like an advertisement. It's not. Let's be honest; TestoCreme isn't the only testosterone delivery mechanism out there, and I can't say I've tried them all. But I am not the type that believes the grass is always greener on the other side, especially when it's plenty green on Dr. Abraham's side. The bottom line is TestoCreme is working for me and that's all that matters!

Roger, Santa Clara, Calif.

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