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Success Stories

Hi my name is Rob Cooper, I have been on TestoCreme® for about 6 months now.I want to explain a few things about the product and about the developer Dr. Kryger.

1st, I thought I was a low testosterone candidate long before the doctor diagnosed me as being hypogonadal. I had gained some weight, which I carried well and always lifted weights for about 18 years now, so i was always a big guy. But I knew something was wrong for I was tired, always putting things off for tomorrow or latter, had heat flashes, mood swings, low acts of depression, got angry at things way to fast, loss of some of my sex drive especially in the mornings and probably some more that I can't put on my tongue at this moment.

Well 1st I knew if I wanted to or had to take a testosterone product I was going to take the best I could find, so I researched the products for at least 6  months before I made up my mind I was going to the doctor, I did not at that time go to Dr. Kryger but did schedule a visit for my urologist here in Ohio.

I explained to him the symptoms I was having, and said I would make him my doctor if we could be open with each other. he said ok. I said if I am low on T level, what would you do, he said I would give you a testosterone pill or shot, but the bottom line was a synthetic type, this is what I did not want at all! On top of that there was a cycling of these products and again I did not want this!

I had determined that I wanted TestoCreme®, and copied some of Dr. Kryger's pages from the web site and set down and showed the doctor this NEW product of which he knew nothing about, AT ALL! But he was very open and seemed to like what I had showed him and said, if you want I will make you my study person and prescribe it to you, and will monitor you to see if it is all it says it is.

I was a level of 234 at this time, I had an account set up with Dr. Kryger to buy this product, for I only wanted his patented creme, no similar, and this was at the time the only place of compounding it. I got it in about 3 days, and I was told to use about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon a day, so I picked about in the middle say and 1/8 teaspoon in morning and 1/4 at night. I was told to rub this into my biceps a soft tissue absorption area. I did and I am telling you this for a fact, not to make or break the product, but I did not have morning erections for a year and a half or longer, this was just something that just faded away and I am guessing about the time span. But in one week, I had a full throbbing erection in the morning and have had one every morning for the last 6 months or so, my wife is pissed off, for now I always want sex more, a good thing to us, but bad for the woman!

Then I have 2 children , young, a 11 month old and a 2.5 year old, and It seemed they were always getting to me, it seemed I was always angry about something, I just thought it was stress and the kids you know, and passed it off, BUT after the first week, what bothered me then, DID NOT bother me at all now, I was more pleasant and mellow and calm, and felt relaxed about all the things that did bother me, my WIFE also seen this and made many comments about the difference. then I went back to the doctor in 3 months, with a level of high 800's. Immediately after the first week had the energy level of my younger days, now doing much more work, and almost felt no fatigue and laziness as before.

I started back lifting again after having 5 years off, mostly because of having my 2 children and spending time with them, I did not have time for much else. But I was ready to lift and train again, now with the possibilities unlimited, why? Because if I had not taken this product, I would have went to the gym and got very little results, because of my T level, and I could not grow anymore, so I said why go then, well TestoCreme® was for me a double benefit, because I am a lifter/bodybuilder, and now I can do all I wanted to with results unlimited!

I have put on some new muscle, and I said new, I started a diet, a major one, because I said to myself, this at 44 years of age, may be my last chance to get in shape and now get bigger and grow again, so I went to the limit and work very hard at lifting and now dieting, I am determined in dieting till my abs come out, no matter how long it takes, it is just a goal for me, to make a long story short, I started at 250 lbs, and looked good and big, now after 6 months I am 223, loosing 27 pounds! I lost what I thought very little muscle mass, for remember I was a 2 xx before, now I am getting cut and my muscle is looking much bigger, I was about 24 percent body fat before, now I just got measured and am 13 percent, not all TestoCreme®, but I could not have gotten where I am at here without it, believe me, you can be all you want to be and if dieting and getting in shape is what you want, then by GOD set your mind and do it, but you CANNOT do it hypogonadal, I tried it!

I have gotten a few Doctors here interested in this product and have personally gotten 7 of my friends involved that did not know they were low testosterone levels, everybody says oh it is old age or you are out of shape, Bullshit, I feel hormone replacement is the newest thing for males, and am still taking TestoCreme® daily, and will for the rest of my life.

Doctor Kryger and I have become friends over this product, why? Probably because I drove him nots with questions, I just was inquisitive and had to know I was taking the best product available and the safest for me, for I have 2 wonderful children and NEED to live and enjoy what years I have left to the fullest. I feel Dr, Kryger is honest, some times hardheaded, but what he tells you,  you can believe, he is in it for the same reason you are taking it, for your health.

I have given you a brief overview of my experience with TestoCreme®, and I have been truthful as I could be, for I want you to live your life to the fullest and life is to short not to, there have been far to many Bullshit ads and products out there ripping consumers off, and I do not envy you for wanting to be cautious and am kinda happy that I was ask to help another, For I guess because I am a patrolman here in Ohio my validity carries some weight and I appreciate you asking me these questions and my only request would be to keep me informed of the progress you make with Dr. Kryger and his TestoCreme®, for I am to interested in what it did for you, remember I have been there, do not hesitate to ask me any more questions in the future concerning this product, and I hope you all the best!

Rob Cooper

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