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Success Stories

Dear Dr K,
The older I get, the more thankful I am for the wonderful life we have, and the sacrifices that made it so. Also am thankful for meeting you through your book, Listen To Your Hormones. I probably have read it three times and learn more each time.

After searching the internet, talking with many doctors and other men with similar issues, I am convinced you are one of the few doctors in the US that understands exactly what men are dealing with as they age. You not only understand, but have done a great service to us all with your book and specialized products. I am confident, and fortunate to be under your care.

I think of the millions of men out there that need your service. I understand the purpose of your book to not only spread the word to men like myself, but catch the interest of doctors that could do so much more for their patients than prescribe mood and erection enhancements.

Thank you so very much for your interest and research.
Darroll Higginbotham <> Rocket Scientist, Florida.

Thanks, Doc.
You know, since starting Testocreme®, I've got no complaints.
My life is positively overflowing with blessings and honestly, I do feel better than I did six months ago.  I often think about how much more I could have gotten out of my experience in Vietnam if I had been feeling better.
Spilled milk! We're on the right track now!  And my wife is happy. Actually doing something about the problem was 90% of the solution!  So, now I switch to 1gm scrotal and 1gm ribs/bicep? Correct?
Bob, Pacific Grove, California 5/9/2009.

Dear DrK,
"I began to experience testosterone deficiency when I was only 30 years old. This was a jarring experience, as I considered myself to be an extremely masculine, athletic and virile man. I was horrified to be experiencing erectile dysfunction at such a young age. I lost all confidence and slipped into a depression. Dr. Kryger's treatment was nothing short of a miracle. His persistence and intelligence were astonishing, and I owe my current quality of life and confidence to him. He has returned the lilt to my voice and happiness to my heart."
Jim, Pebble Beach, California, 4/7/2004.

Dear Dr. Kryger,
I did get the Testocreme in the mail! :-) I went to my doctor and he commented on my beard growth. I am very pleased with the way it makes me feel.  I have more energy.  No excess sweating or headaches.  My libido is not where I would like it to be,  but I am having nocturnal erections and I'm able to have sex (without viagra) about once a week.I apply 1/4 tsp and 1/8 tsp once daily each morning to my bicep, upper arm and shoulder. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks for all your help. 
Sincerely, Dan, Olympia, Wa 7/21/04

I've been lifting weights seriously for 7 years, but I experienced gains in  muscle mass very slowly. I have tried every nutritonal supplement and herbal remedy to help me along, but the most effective drugs have been the injectable steroids.  Unfortunately, the never-ending needle injections have been painful and caused scar tissue in my butt.
Testocreme is by far the best hormone supplement I  have used.Testocreme is superior in so many ways. For the first time, I have gained muscle easily along with an increase in strength.  For some of my lifts, the amount of weight has increased as much as 25%. All in less than 5 weeks! Also my buttocks are both grateful to Testocreme.
A deficiency of testosterne has been one of my chronic problems which I believe has negatively influenced my mood, my sense of well-being, my concentration and especially my vitality. Even when I used injectable testosterone, the signs of testosterone deficiency were still noticeable (at least to me). But this is not the case withTestocreme, which  has effectively reversed all those negative effects. Many of my friends and family have noticed these positive changes. I wouldn't say I am a new person; instead I would say that I am a renewed person.
I know other people who have experienced similar improvements using Testocreme,  I am not a special case. This testosterone cream is a significant contributor to my physical and mental health.
Best, Scott, LA, 8/25/2003

Dear Dr. Kryger,
At 52 years of age, I felt I was on the way out. My weight, in spite of regular workouts, was accumulating around my belly and my hips. My sister suggested that I see you and frankly , I was sort of skeptical , but I thought it was worth a shot.
I was pleasantly surprised to when you turned out to be a very gracious and interested man who careflly and thoroughly evaluated my case.During the exam and subsequent appointments, you never failed to fully inform me of what you were doinwg, why and what to expect. I have never felt so confident in a doctor in my life. After several months of using Testocreme, I am infinitely more energetic,. I haven't lost weight , but I'm wearing pants two inches smaller in the waist (and they're loose!).
I am able to bench press almost 300 lbs (I was doing 225 before Testocreme). Sex is wonderful. My attitude ahs changed and I 've embarked on a number of new and intriguing projects. Overal, your treatment has been, a truly miraculous personal renaiissance for me.Thank you , doctor.
Jason, Los Banos, CA 8/20/2001. .

Hi, Doc, 
I am glad to report the ongoing success of the Testocreme treatment. Before I found out about it from you, I was in a miserable state. I had difficulty in achieving an erection that would last long enough to satisfy me or my wife. Each time this would occur it made it even more of a problem the next time, as I would have a lot of fear about what was going to happen. My wife began to think I was having an affair because of my reluctance to have sex with her. I also felt tired and lethargic most of the time. When I got on the program I noticed immediately an increase in sexual desire and to my great pleasure I also had strong morning erections and could achieve them at a moments notice. My wife also was amazed as the frequency of intercourse went from 1 or 2 times a month to 3 and 4 time a week.  This has been a Godsend. I also am more confident and energetic and have been working out on regular basis now with out being worn-out. Its like I am 20 years younger. Ireally want to thank you for developing Testocreme and making it available.
Thanks, Dale,Texas 6/14/2002

Dear Dr.K,
Everything appears to be going well. I seem to be losing fat and gaining muscle but it is a slow process and I can't tell if the TC+  is playing a role or if it's only the improved diet etc. Most apparent though is the increased libido and that the ejaculate has returned to it's natural white color and consistency instead of the yellowish, granular fluid that was so alarming to me over the past year.  Sexual functioning is improving.
Highest regards. John, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 3/21/2001

Dr Kryger,
I'm doing great so far. My work is more productive since I'm more alert and mentally sharp. Don't feel tired during the day. My body is getting more muscle and less fat. I've started to play golf again and feel 15 years younger. My libido is very good and I'm more confident in my personal affairs. Along with TestoCreme I'm taking 50  mg DHEA, ProHGH, GinkoBiloba,
Omega-3 DHA, Juice Plus too. I feel I'm getting younger every month.
TestoCreme has made all of this happen. Without it I'd be feeling old and tired. Thanks, Tom, Forida - 4/5/99.

I doubted that your testocreme would work, after all I have taken more of,or what I thought to be more anabolic substances. I came to your office for exame, and started that day of January, the seventh. Tomarrow will be four weeks on.  I'm thick as a brick! arms, (17 1/2) were (16 1/4) my pecs are more filled out. Waist size is a little smaller, shirt and pants legs are tighter. Calves are 16, still under construction. More people at the gym are starting to notice. It's not easy but some has got to do it I suppose. I will schedule a blood test tomorrow (androgen panel). Also I'll have my wife take some pictures of me today. I know you said wait  two months, but I need to get this frame by frame because its incredible.  Can I stay on the Tcream the whole year? and are you sure I won't get over 200 lbs. like the roid freaks? why is this so anabolic? This is good stuff......Im sky high.
Dean, Dayton Ohio, 11/22/1997.


My results with the Testocreme have been very satisfactory. I'm having an increase in libido, increased frequency of AM erections ( nearly daily), increased flaccid penile volume, and increased duration and turgidity of erections. Intercourse is more satisfying, and has been much more frequent.
I was on a body-building program before starting TestoCreme, and I have continued the program while on it. I've increased the mass lifted on all major muscle group exercises by at least 20 pounds, and in the case of leg press, by almost 200. Muscle mass is increased, and body composition has dropped to 8% body fat. Recovery time seems to be reduced, and I'm able to do cardio daily without excessive fatigue.  BP is normal 130/80; pulse is 55-60; resp. 10-12. I've had to buy several sets of pants and belts over the last 3 months, but I promised myself I wouldn't ever complain about that!
My mood seems to be more consistently elevated, but that could just be feeling good from the other changes. And my appetite has increased to be more like that of a twenty year old. I don't remember eating like this when I was a teen ager. I think that about covers it. You can see why I am reluctant to run out of TestoCreme.
Dan, Florida , 12/12/2000.


Dear Doctor,
First of all, the Testocreme is amazing. I feel like I have about 50% more energy (I can get up now in the morning and go excercise!) and I would estimate the borderline depression has been reduced about 90% -- I think the last 10% will take time and effort, as now I feel I have the drive and energy to achieve some long-postponed goals. Had very nice
erection(s) this a.m. -- I had forgotten what that was like. It seems my body is "drinking up" the Testocreme -- it's amazing that one substance can produce such myriad benefits. I feel like I have a new life.
Thanks, Daniel, Georgia, 12/4/1999.

Hi Dr. K.,
Just got back from the eye doctor, and I have what I believe is another Testocreme success story.
I suffer from mild nearsightedness (hard to see things far away), and I have been a contact wearer for the past 10 years, starting at age 23.  For most of the past 10 years my prescription has been the same: -1.50 left eye, -1.25 right eye.  This is what my prescription was the prior time I had my eyes checked, June 2000.  Well, I was measured today, August 2001, for a new prescription and my eyes have improved!  My new prescription is -1.25 left eye, -0.75 right eye.  The doctor reported this was very unusual for anyone, and especially in only 14 months.
Now, I don't know what effect T has on visual acuity.  But I do know this:
supplementing with TC has been the one major change in my life the past year.  I'm sure it has played a major role in my improved vision. Hope you are doing as well. 
Best regards, George, Houston Texas, 3/4/2001.

Dr. K,
After over ten years of taking testosterone shots (which are both expensive and painful) your Testocream is heaven sent. No more ups and downs like with the shots. I regularly have morning erections again and have more energy. In response to your question things are very good. Great energy level, libido, strength gains in the gym, more body hair, resistance to stress--all the things you told me to expect. I am very grateful to you for your help. I feel like I'm in my twenties again.
Thanks and Aloha, Zane, Hawaii.2/5/1999

Doc, (my report). 
I'm a 57 year old bodybuilder who has been pumping iron off and on since I was sixteen.  I'd also been getting testosterone shots every two weeks for the past few years. However, it wasn't until I switched from the injections and started using the TestoCreme that I first felt and saw significant and recognizable changes. After a month on the creme, my testosterone count went from 437 to 787, and my free testosterone jumped from 73 to 157. After six weeks, my weight had climbed from 186 to 192, and not only could I  see new muscle mass, but I was also looking more muscular and cut, more buff, if you will.  My workouts have gotten better than ever; I'm lifting heavier, feeling stronger.  Additionally, my libido has kicked in, boosting my spirits with an intensity I haven't known since I was in my 20's.  As if all this weren't enough, I've also been experiencing a sustained feeling of well being, confidence and an abundance of energy. I'm so impressed with Dr. Kryger's TestoCreme, I am willing to give my email address to anyone who wants confirmation: Your #1 Fan, David Marlow, LA, California 11/24/1998. (latest book attached).

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