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Chad's Success Story
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Success Stories

Dear Dr. Kryger:

My results with the Testocreme have been very satisfactory. I'm having an
increase in libido, increased frequency of AM erections (nearly daily), increased flaccid penile volume, and increased duration and turgidity of erections. Intercourse is more satisfying, and has been much more frequent.

I was on a body-building program before starting TestoCreme, and I have continued the program while on it. I've increased the mass lifted on all major muscle group exercises by at least 20 pounds, and in the case of leg press, by almost 200. Muscle mass is increased, and body composition has dropped to 8% body fat.

Recovery time seems to be reduced, and I'm able to do cardio daily without excessive fatigue. BP is normal 130/80; pulse is 55-60; resp. 10-12. I've had to buy several sets of pants and belts over the last 3 months, but I promised myself I wouldn't ever complain about that! My mood seems to be more consistently elevated, but that could just be feeling good from the other changes. And my appetite has increased to be more like that of a twenty year old. I don't remember eating like this when I was a teenager. I think that about covers it. You can see why I am reluctant to run out of TestoCreme.


Testocreme Success Story

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