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Testocreme® provides an alternative  testosterone (T) delivery system to
supplementation by injection, patch or gel. This is a custom compound whose
formula is licensed to specific pharmacies in the USA.
Androgen supplementation should be considered when the anabolic effects  of
testosterone are needed to increase sexual drive, strength in wasting
conditions (HIV disease, ED, renal failure or after a critical illness or
cancer) (Tenover, 1994). Testosterone can also be used to: increase bone
mineral density in men with osteopenia or osteoporosis (Leifke, et al. 1998)
, for men on corticosteroid or narcotic therapy and for older men
experiencing andropause (Snyder, 1999; Morley, 1997).
*Androgen Guidelines
Androgen replacement therapy (ART) should also be considered in any
depressed men to improve mood and restore the sense of well-being. Any man
with low-normal serum testosterone levels or low salivary free testosterone
(FTs) levels plus symptoms of deficiency should be treated with supplemental
testosterone .*Androgen Guidelines (Seidman, 1998).
 The administration of exogenous testosterone (T) to men with abdominal
obesity has been shown to decrease fat mass (Herbst, 2000), which improves
insulin sensitivity and lowers fasting glucose levels. All adult onset
diabetics should be tested for low free testosterone levels as over one
third of diabetics are T deficient (Guay, 2006). Interestingly, testosterone
increases insulin sensitivity by increasing IGF-1 levels (Arnold, 1996).
Men who have problems with sexual function may apparently  have normal total
testosterone (T)  levels for their age group, but free testosterone ( FT) or
the circulating dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a more important marker for
loss of libido and sexual arousal.*Androgen Guidelines (Carani, 1990).  Studies in France and in the US at UCLA have found that DHT used in a topical preparation (Andactrim) will reverse decreased libido in men. (deLignieres, 1993; Swerdloff, 1998).
 DHT and FT can be measured in serum or saliva for screening and both
provide an important part of the workup for erectile dysfunction, low libido
or anorgasmia in either sex. Patients should be informed about the low risk
of prostate enlargement or male pattern baldness with transdermals (Ly,
AndroGel´® and Testim®, both 1% T products, have FDA approval as the new
standard of care for treating low T levels in men or Hypogonadism (CPT code
Caution is urged in obese men in whom excess testosterone can be converted
to estradiol ( E2) causing gynecomastia, loss of libido, increased
aggression and female body type. Some estrogen is necessary for men to
function normally sexually.
Free testosterone (FT) converts directly to  either DHT or estradiol (E2).
DHT is responsible for better sexual response in both men and women but at
different doses. Conversion to E2 occurs more often in obese men or if
physiologic doses are exceeded.

Monitoring free T levels provides the best indicator of testosterone
availability. Even amongst men of the same age groups, total testosterone
levels vary greatly (Plymate, 1989).

Just as women live longer and age more gracefully than men with hormone
replacement therapy (HRT), it times that men had their own testosterone
replacement therapy (TRT). (Link TRT).  It is widely accepted that in men
the quality of life,  the risk of heart disease and depression, obesity and
diabetes along with other age related changes are dependent  to some degree
on the level of testosterone. (Barrett-Connor, 1995).
Even memory in hormone deficient men will improve with
androgen replacement therapy.(ART) (Cherrier, 1998. ).

A significant portion of men with HIV infection when treated with ART,
experienced enhanced sex drive and energy, improvement in mood and increases in muscle mass. Hormone monitoring is essential to assure that physiologic levels are maintained and not exceeded.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have recommended that screening for
testosterone deficiency in patients reporting erectile dysfunction should be
a part of the initial exam. For some patients with an established
diagnosis of testicular failure (hypogonadism), androgen replacement therapy
may sometimes be effective in improving erectile function. Symptoms
associated with male hypogonadism include the following: impotence, and
decreased sexual desire, fatigue, and loss of energy, mood depression and
regression of secondary sexual characteristics."

AndroGel® and Testim® 1% are only the first of a line of T gels and creams
being developed for use in hormone replacement in men. DHT gels are also
being tested  in Europe as Andactrim® for the treatment of low sex drive in
older men. (Ly LP, 2001)

Our patentened product, TestoCreme®, a high potency testosterone cream (TC)
has completed clinical trials. Although this is not an FDA approved delivery
system at this time, it contains FDA approved testosterone from soybeans as
the active ingredient and is compounded by two US pharmacies.

We are looking for physicians who would be interested in trying TestoCreme®
transdermal for their patients who are not satisfied with the current low
potency testosterone gels. We  would like to familiarize you with the ease
of use and the simple monitoring of hormone levels.

If you are interested in detailed prescribing information, Please contact me
directly, by email at :
Abraham.Kryger, MD, DMD. http://www.WellnessMD


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