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Millions of men and women are never treated for testosterone deficiency because they often ignore the symptoms and don’t get tested. I can safely say that while there is still life, there should still be sex. 

Hormone replacement can be a safe and easy path to a healthier sex life for those who are suffering the adverse effects of testosterone deficiency. Previously men interpreted a lack of sexual function as meaning they were not masculine anymore. Low testosterone was considered a “dirty little secret” until Viagra® was introduced by Pfizer on March 27, 1998.

Physicians can test men with complaints of possible erectile dysfunction due to hormone deficiency. But there is prejudice toward a man who may actually be low in testosterone and Viagra is prescribed without even checking testosterone.  This drives many to the black market in pursuit of illegal steroids. 

This black market in steroids would quickly disappear if men were treated as serious when they complained of low libido or difficulty building muscles in the gym. Conflicts often occur when men first try to contact a physician to ask for some help or an evaluation. They are treated as drug seekers or are referred to psychiatrists, while being told to give up their pursuit of a “better body”.  Many men are flatly turned down because the use of anabolic steroids for bodybuilding or physical enhancement is not medically indicated.

Remember that well-developed muscles do not necessarily go along with a good sex life or a larger penis. If you want both big muscles and a strong sex drive, the two might not be compatible with illegal anabolic steroid use. You might be running out of testosterone sooner than you think for reasons you did not even consider!

Generally all testosterone products are safe when used as prescribed. Today there are far better testosterone delivery systems than pumping  a teaspoon or more of peanut oil deep into your backside or thighs with a thick 2” needle, every 1-2 weeks, for the rest of your life. Natural bioidentical higher strength testosterone has been available by prescription in a transdermal delivery system called Testocreme® since 2004.

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