Initiate 2 year

​stability study


Testosterone Acquisition/Licensing Examples


Initiate phase 1

clinical trial

Q1 '16

Q2 '16

Q3 '16

Development Schedule and Budget

Testocreme® Timeline

Corporate Strategy

  • Raise $1,250,000    ($0.50/share, 42% investor stake)

File additional IP






Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Acquires Natesto™ Testosterone Nasal Gel”  First bullet: “$25M acquisition”.  Second bullet: ”Additional payments upon achievement of milestones.

  • Exit by acquisition

Q4 '16

Manufacture GMP Clinical Supply

Eli Lilly licensing of TestoGel from Acrux in 2010

– $50M for US licensing rights
– $3M for manufacturing rights
– $195M in potential commercialization fees

File IND

Complete phase 1

​clinical trial


GMP manufacturing, IND, Phase I clinical

Employees & Consultants

Patents, Market positioning for sale