About Testocreme®

Testocreme® Inc., Monterey, CA  an early stage company founded by Doctor Abraham Kryger has  developed a patented, high concentration bio-equivalent testosterone creme, Testocreme®, which provides a major market  opportunity and works significantly better than existing products. It is estimated that 25% of American men (ie. 37,000,000) have a lower than minimum testosterone level with associated increased risk of CVD and death especially in men over the age of 50. As the aging male population increases, so too does the need for testosterone supplementation and the awareness for it. The company is raising $1,250,000 ($125,000 raised to date) to meet the requirements for filing an FDA IND (Investigational New Drug) Application, which will enable us to pursue a Phase 1 clinical study and to fund patent development and GMP manufacturing. We are positioning the company for an acquisition at the earliest opportunity.

What is Testocreme®?

Testocreme® is a patented high-concentration skin delivery system for hormone replacement that contains testosterone. The concentration of testosterone can be adjusted from 2.5% to 10% to allow a smaller volume of cream to be applied as replacement therapy. Any U.S. physician can prescribe the Testocreme® formula from a few selected pharmacies.

When applied daily, Testocreme® provides 24-hour regulation of the bodies natural hormone release. Testocreme's® main ingredient is not synthetic, it is bio-identical to naturally produced testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is safe for long-term use in small doses by testosterone deficient men.

Testocreme® overcomes many of the disadvantages of injectable forms for testosterone replacement including higher estrogen levels and dramatic hormonal fluctuations which can lead to mood swings and decreased sex drive. Topical application creates a better physiological response with little to no skin reaction.


  • Patent Issued
  • Product Development Complete

  • Early Positive Doctor/Patient Results

  • Available as ‘Custom Compound’

  • Compound Manufacturing 2nd Phase

  • GMP Manufacturing Initiated

  • Contract Research Organization for Patient Study Selected

  • More than 100 Doctors Prescribed for Patients

  • 1st Funding Tranche of $125,000 Completed

  • Initiated Contact with Potential Strategic Partners and/or Acquirers



  • Complete GMP Manufacturing of:
    Process Validation Batch
    Clinical Feasibility Batch/Stability Study
    Clinical Application Batch

  • Conduct Pre-IND Study of 16 Patients Over 20 Week Period - Scheduled for Q1’16

  • Obtain FDA IND Approval - Q3 '16

Testocreme® is different

No Steroids. No Injections.

Many men with decreasing testosterone levels turn to steroids to fix hormonal imbalances. Anabolic steroids are known to cause liver dysfunction, infertility, and long-term damage. Others turn to supplements or medication sold as cures on the internet. Many of these products are counterfeit or designed to be used on animals. Use of veterinary medicines can have many side effects including irreversible psychological effects.

Testocreme® delivers testosterone replacement in lieu of damaging anabolic steroids. As with all hormone therapy, Testocreme® should only be prescribed by a doctor who will continue to monitor patient health through regular blood tests. If you think Testocreme® can help, consult with the product's developer, Dr. Abraham Kryger and talk to your physician.